Information about SkipperBnB


SkipperBnB - WorldWide Skippers' Services Platform

This is a place to find your perfect skipper for your yachting holiday. 

SkipperBnB has set it's mission to change the paradigm from "Skippers are organizing sailing/boating tours to try and find clients" to "I want to go sailing on vacation, I need a skipper to navigate the boat I like to rent"

We encourage people to dream of beautiful islands, blue waters and remote beaches and hire a competent person to sail their chosen boat for the holiday.

A skipper's job is like no other, they spend days in a row on a boat with you and your friends, sleep on the boat and share the table. But you will see, they are both friendly and professional people, and they will help you have the perfect vacation.



"I was sceptic at first, but all my doubts disappeared once we met up with the skipper in the marina. He was fun and communicative and we had a great holiday in the Greek islands" G.B.