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How it works

SkipperBnB is a platform that allows its users to find competent skippers to sail their chosen boat for the desired period of time. 

#10 steps to your dream holiday in the Islands


Maybe the most important decision. It will influence the area, friends and prices. Once this is set, you can search for the most appealing destination - weather and landscapes.


It's not always easy to choose between your friends whom you'll take with you in the holiday, but they are the key ingredient for the success of the trip. On the boat we call them "the Crew". The right and funny Crew will create a wonderful atmosphere and unforgettable memories. 


A skipper is more than a driver. He's different from the taxi or bus driver, even from a plane pilot. He will join you and your crew for the entire week and he will maneuver the boat wherever you want. Also he will give advice regarding the weather or possible dream destination like remote beaches or good local cuisine.  You have plenty of skippers' profiles to choose from, all of them experienced, competent captains. 


Each typical sailing destination - Greece and Croatia are the most popular - come with their own offers of bareboat yacht charters. Feel free to choose the right boat for your holiday. Double cabins means accommodation for 2 people and your have boats with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 double cabins. They all have kitchen appliances and bathrooms. Also you can choose between monohull and catamaran or year of production - older and cheaper or newer and more expensive - according to your budget. The typical week of charter is from Saturday-to-Saturday.
If you already hired a Skipper from our site, he can provide useful information to assist you with the yacht charter, maybe even a discount with his professional background. 


As you know the period is easy to find a good deal with the plane tickets. SkyScanner is a good application to monitor the prices of the trips between your city and the boat location. For Europe you can even find moments when the price is under 100 euro for two-way trip/person. 


The budget for the sailing trip is formed by two kinds of expenses. One that is individual (plane tickets, restaurant prices, gifts and other shopping) The other is common expenses which will be SHARED among the participants - either individuals or families. The shared expenses are: boat charter price, boat cleaning, boat fuel, skipper fee, skipper tips, skipper food, provisions from the supermarket, costs of the marinas. 
You will have a nice surprise to find that a week with a yacht in the islands is less expensive than a usual trip abroad and far more fascinating.


With the luggage packed and the provisions list done, you will travel from home to the marina where the yacht is located. You can arrive in a Saturday morning or afternoon. If you decide to arrive on Friday, you can check in at a nearby hotel and arrive in the marina early in the morning. It's a good way to start with a coffee and a moment of relaxation. 


The skipper will wait for you on Saturday in the marina. He will assist you in checking-in the boat from the charterer and verifying that everything is in good order. After the papers are signed, the boat is yours for an entire week and it's ready to go!


Remember that the boat is your own island and home for the next week. It is good to have on board all the provisions you will need - your favorite food, snacks and drinks. Of course, you can resupply whenever you want on the islands you will visit. 


Total freedom, total happiness! You can explore any island you wish. You will discover remote beaches and beautiful bays. You will start your day with a swim or with a sunbath. Your skipper will be there to take you wherever you want. 

Fair Winds!

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Search among the listed skippers a person that matches your preferences. You have various filters at your disposal to use and refine the search. Once you chose your skipper for the holiday, select the the charter week and the total price will appear. 

Login with Facebook or email address&password.

After you make the payment, SkipperBnB will get the notification and will confirm with the skipper the job. 
If the skipper not confirm, SkipperBnB will refuse the payment and the money will return into your account. 
Only upon confirmation, we will accept the payment and we will provide for the necessary contact info for you and the skipper to meet in the marina at the beginning of the charter. 
Cancellation: Up to 60 days before service, 80% of the amount payed will be returned upon cancellation. Between 60-30 days before service, 50% of the amount payed will be returned. Less then 30 days, 20% will be returned.  

At the end of the holiday we will ask from you a confirmation of ending the job and also a review for the skipper. 

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We play with fun and waves!